Monday, March 15, 2010

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    Afro Hairstyles For Women

    Afro Bob Cut: If you have short hair or want a African-American hairstyle with least maintenance then, one of the best Afro hairstyles for women is an Afro bob cut. Basically, a bob is a one length cut which generally falls between ear length and shoulder length. The beauty of the bob Afro hairstyle in African-American hair is that the natural curly Afro hairstyles give it a very sophisticated and trendy look. But in fact all you have to do is wash and wear. If you do not want a simple Afro bob cut then, the "Halle Berry cut" which was named after the gorgeous actress, after the hairstyle gained popularity, is a great choice. Read more on African-American hair care tips.

    Simple Afros: Because of the wiry, fine hair of African-Americans , it makes a good basis for Afro hairstyles. The most famous examples of the modern Afros are those worn by Angela Davis and Diana Ross in the 1960s. You can help encourage an Afro by braiding or coiling the curls and then combing them out with a special comb called a pick. A pick is characterized by wide, flat teeth with generous space between the teeth to minimize the frizz and accentuate the curls. If you have looser curls then special curling muds, waxes and gels can help achieve the Afro effect. They are also great choices for Afro hairstyles for kids.

    Braids: One of the most popular Afro hairstyles for black women are braids. African-American women are known for their braid hairstyles. They not only look great but also are low maintenance. There are a myriad of options in braid hairstyles that will look great on all lengths of hair. Some of the most popular styles are cornrows, micro braids, French braids, basket braids, fishtail braids etc. This is a trendy hairstyle for maintaining locks without the hassle of styling your tresses. The time required for making braid hairstyles runs from a couple of hours to six or seven hours. However, once that is done, the maintenance required is minimum. Read more on braid hairstyles for black women.

    Afros with Side Swept Bangs: Another great option for Afro hairstyles for girls is adding bangs to simple Afros. African-American hairstyles with bangs have been popular for ages and mainly because they can be experimented with very easily. Side swept bangs give the impression of fuller hair and hence, are one of the best options for African-American hair. Side swept bangs work best for angular and round shaped faces and are perfect for curly Afro hairstyles. Whether you wear side swept bangs with long or short hair they will stand out. For inspiration you can check out the hairstyles of Alicia Keys or Rihanna . Read more on African-American hairstyles with bangs.

    These were some options for Afro hairstyles for women. There are tons of other options that will suit your style and taste. As it was rightly quoted by Hubert de Givenchy in the 1985 July edition of Vogue, "Hairstyle is the final tip-off, whether or not a women really knows herself." So go ahead and discover yourself!