Monday, March 15, 2010

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    Afro Hairstyles for Children

    Braids and Cornrows
    Braid hairstyles are one of the most common Afro hairstyles for kids. There are many types like single braids, natural cornrows, regular cornrows and no-knot cornrows. Although, there are different types of cornrows, you can start the cornrows from the front of the head or from the side. The number of cornrows can very from 2 to 30. Natural cornrows are done with natural African hair and not with hair extensions. Natural cornrows are one of the common African American hairstyles for kids. This is the most liked Afro hairstyles for kids. Regular cornrows require hair extensions and cannot be done with only natural hair. The artificial hair are added only once in the regular cornrows and there is a small knot at the place where the braiding starts. The third type of cornrow is the no-knot cornrow, where the artificial hair are added step by step. There is no knot or lump where the braids begin, therefore, many kids prefer this cornrow. Single braids are individual braids which can differ in size. The length of the braids can vary according to the length of your hair. Read more on African American hair braiding styles.

    There are three types of twists viz., Senegalese twists, natural twists and kinky twists. Natural hair are combed with a wide toothed hair comb and twisted individually. For this hairstyle, the length of the hair must be at least 1 inch long. Senegalese twists are very famous amongst kids and also a good option. The Senegalese twists require artificial hair and the ends of the twists can be straight or curvy. Lastly the kinky twists are frizzy and crisp and the ends of these twists are curly. Read more on African American (Afro) twist hairstyles.

    Simple Afro Hairstyles for Kids
    The simple Afro hairstyles for kids include the curls or ponytails. Ponytail hairstyles are very famous among kids, as they are easy to maintain and clean. A kid with any length of hair and texture can wear a ponytail, therefore, one of the most popular hairstyle for kids is the ponytail. Another hairstyle for kids is the medium curls. This hair style looks great on African hair, as it is already frizzy and curly. Usually, boys have a medium curly hairstyle. However, care must be taken to maintain this hairstyle in a good condition. Read more on ponytail hairstyles for African Americans.

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    These were some Afro hairstyles for kids. Also, African hair requires a lot of care and maintenance, due to their brittle and frizzy texture. Kids hairstyle are more popular if they convenient to wear and maintain. And these hairstyles save a lot of tears, at both ends.