Sunday, May 1, 2011

Medium Emo Hair

    Beginners may go through a few difficulties while making these braids, which will eventually disappear with regular practice. Here are some simple instructions for Medium Emo Hair to help you out in this process.
                      Medium Emo Hair.A
    So, make sure that your hair is clean and also free of tangles. For simple English emo, use a wide tooth comb for untangling your emo hair. But for emo styles, you may require a fine tooth comb. If you have curly or wavy hair, then you may need to dampen your hair with water. 
                        Medium Emo Hair.B
    Once you have properly combed and removed all tangles, you can start braiding your hair by dividing your hair into three equal and even sections or strands. Again comb each section separately to make them smoother. Then take the section of emo hair on the right hand strand and cross it over the middle section, so that now the right hand section becomes the middle section.
                        Medium Emo Hair.C
    American emo hair braiding can have different styles and hence, different instructions. However, the basic steps for braiding black emo hair involves parting the hair into two equal parts. Then section off the entire hair into several parts, where the hair braids are to be created. Now, each part has to be divided into three even sections to make several braids. The instructions for making each braid is similar to that of the basic English hair braiding.